Multimedia Services, Communication Software and Service Symposium

Symposium Co-Chairs

Prof. Mohammed Atiquzzaman
University of Oklahoma 

Prof. Zhu Li
Hong Kong Polytechnic University 

Dr. Marcus Brunner
Network Laboratories 


Scope and Motivation

Advances in computing and communication technology, rapid growth in communication infrastructure and proliferation of multimedia capable computing devices, have opened up unprecedented opportunities in the application space. In recently years, Mobile TV, IPTV, Peer to Peer Video (e.g. PPLive, PPStream), online video repositories (e.g, Youtube, Tudou), social network applications (e.g, MySpace, Mixi), and online gaming and virtual reality (e.g. 2nd Life) are becoming popular. Multimedia and especially video is becoming the dominating traffic over the network. These applications present new challenges to multimedia network architecture, management and operations, especially the resource management, mobility, and content intelligence issues. New enabling technologies and solutions are being investigated and developed in both academia and industry.

This symposium solicits relevant recent contributions with topics including but are not limited to:

  1. Web Services and distributed SW technology
  2. Distributed systems and applications, incl. Grid Services
  3. Home Network Service Platform
  4. Mobile Services and Service Platforms
  5. Service Creation, Delivery, Management
  6. Context Awareness and Personalization
  7. Modelling and Learning in Social Networks
  8. Mobile Video Service and Mobile TV
  9. IPTV, Peer to Peer Content Delivery System
  10. Source-Channel Coding in Multimedia Transmission
  11. Multimedia Adaptation and Error Resilience
  12. Network Coding and Applications in Content Delivery
  13. Online Game, Internet Virtual Reality
  14. Data Center Architecture and Solutions
  15. Network and Service Management
  16. Charging, pricing, business models